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Pray to the World

Please PRAY! What this world has become? Selfish and with no compassion, but l have faith that the power of Read More →

Thinking of You BOWIE🌟

What a tragic and sad lost we had this past week. David Bowie, the one and only who inspired not Read More →

A Medicine Called Chanel

Chanel, what a lovely and sweet name…l honestly believe that “Chanel” can cure. l do believe that the store, name Read More →


Wait this is my song!!! Vogue-Madonna Ins’t fun when you hear your song and you stop anything to let the Read More →


Yes you’re! Always believe that you’re a star, you’re shinning, you’re important and I promise that the rest of the Read More →

Love ana Respect*

Love and respect anyone in any circumstance #BruceJenner