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Valentino and I

Life is good…special when you get to hangout with Valentino ❤️ Major #tbt

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, l wanna a Barbie Moschino by Jeremy Scott for Christmas. Please! l was a good girl 😉

Stay Humble!!

12h Exactly 🙌 stay humble, be nice to others. You will only win like that 😉

Lift Others*

Exactly there’s nothing wrong on lift others Make people feel good is a goof karma, you will feel good back Read More →

Red Lipstick is Always Good Idea!!

Red lipstick is always good idea, anytime, anywhere, jeans, dress the red lipstick will speak for you! Chanel also is Read More →

Miami is Always a Good Idea ;)

Always Good idea, Mimai has happy people, great energy beautiful beach! Yes!!! I’am a luck claim for live only 40 Read More →