Love is love 🌈

Love is love don’t you agree? Today in Sao Paulo and this month in the world is celebrate the love Read More →

Long Live Yves Saint Laurent

Long Live Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent! He never been so ALIVE , so present then and now! Viva!

Good Vibes Only!

So true ” In this point of my life, I catch one wrong vibe, I’m out” and so should you! Read More →

Word 🙌🏻

Long live Joan Rivers who once said” If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll go through another door Read More →

Beautiful Week

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead! Please be positive and always, always train your mind to see the good in Read More →

Positivity is the key 🔑

Positivity is the key 🔑 I know it sounds cheesy, but the truth is more you think or wish positive Read More →