Cindy Crawford For Town & Country‘s May 2018 by Victor Demarchelier.

Beautiful Cindy Crawford is on the Town & Country‘s May 2018 issue by fashion photographer Victor Demarchelier. Cindy is looking amazing as always and she was styled by Nicoletta Santoro, with hair by Teddy Charles and make by Pati Dubroff..

“I don’t really think that you can teach how to model. It needs to come from within. But like with Kaia when she was little, about seven years old—she would play dress-up in Mom’s clothes, and I would do her hair and makeup and we would play photo shoot or runway show. I would be shooting the pictures, and I’d be like, ‘No, put your chin up,’ or ‘Hold your arm out like that.’ Probably a little of it stuck.
I think my only specific advice to her with the runway shows was just, like, personally, I don’t like seeing a girl with dead eyes and no expression walking down a runway. I don’t think it’s interesting. Yes, I know that’s what’s in style now. But I said I feel as if people want to see a personality. It’s not appropriate for every show, but I think that Kaia has found those little places. Like with the Anna Sui show she just did. Even though no one else was doing turns, all of a sudden she threw one in.” – Cindy Crawford

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