The power of a pair of a earrings*

Week ago had a guy come to me at Helpouts by Google asking me about earrings.

He asked me what do l think about women wear earrings and he also told me how he feels about it.

The young men said that he doesn’t allow he’s girlfriend wear earrings that he thinks women should be free and don’t “hang” anything metal on their body.

Well here is what l said; about two years ago Marc Jacobs in the middle of an interview were asked about accessories and he said very clear that women must wear a lot accessories, that it’s the must to a great look.

I totally agree with Marc and explained to the young men that yes, women looks feminine and sexy wearing earrings or any other kind of accessories.

I believe people go to phases in life include the one when we wear huge earrings to small ones.

Remember we’re girls and we must enjoy this gift of being girls, hanging your favorite little or big rock on.


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